Thursday, March 01, 2007

Random Thoughts

  • I’ve made some changes to the ol’ blog to make it more soothing and user-friendly. I like it personally, but am always open to suggestions…
  • We made 250 pounds of chorizo last Saturday. As soon as my Aunt sends me the pictures, I’ll post a couple.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen; the world’s oldest blogger; Olive. She’s from Australia and blogs at the young age of 107-years old. Let’s see… 107… Australia… wow, she was born under the rule of Queen Victoria before Australia even became a nation. You can read her blog HERE.
  • Let me tell you, cutting up, grinding, mixing, stuffing and hanging-for-smoking 250 pounds of pork is no easy task…
  • Couple of thoughts left over from the Oscars: Does it surprise anyone that Eddie Murphy left the Oscars in a huff after he didn’t win Sunday night? - Helen Mirren looks pretty damn good for her age. – Dumbest. Intro. Ever. – Congrats to The Kaiser for being a part of an Oscar-winning movie.
  • The Illinois Commerce Commission sucks. If I want to call my next-door neighbor, I now have to dial all eleven numbers… how inane is that?
  • Have you seen the pictures of the baby tiger and baby orangutan? If the pics were any cuter, the world would collapse on itself…
  • How much of a spectacle will Anna Nicole’s funeral be?
  • And will they be trying to put the ‘fun’ back into funeral??
  • Ratings for “Studio 60”’s replacement on NBC, “The Black Donnellys”, were not good… making it possible that “60” will come back. If it does, expect some MAJOR changes to make the show more viewer-friendly…
  • Go to a Wolfgang Puck catered party… get Hepatitis A. Isn’t that something you would expect from like, Pete’s Fuel Shack Smorgasbord, not Wolfgang Puck?
  • What some of my blogmigos have been saying: MetroDad offers up some parenting tips… Sarah re-discovers la biblioteca… QofS gives us another reason as to why her son will be seeing a therapist when he’s older… and Dad2Twins checks-in from Hawaii
  • Recent searches that have brought people to my blog-o-verse: “doodlebops without makeup” (popped-up like 5 times – thanks again Sarah), “bridget monyhan baby news” (just call me Perez Hilton), “Conan O'Brien nazi teletubbies” (I don’t even want to know…), “‘my prerogative’ ‘zombie’ irish band” (That would be The Cranberries), “fatherhood at 40” (Whoa, whoa, whoa… I still have 7 years left, let’s not prematurely age me), “ashton kutcher twin brother” (Didn’t even know he was a twin), “donkeyporn” (Again!!?? This one showed up last week also… who the HELL is looking for this much donkey porn?), “Monoamniotic” (If you think you’re having mono-mono twins, I urge you to seek help. Try )
  • Random Quote of the Week:
    “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.” – Mark Twain