Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I haven’t fully-decided if I’m keeping this blog going or not. I’ve gotten a lot of positive emails about keeping it going (I’ve responded to most of you if I have your email address. If I don’t have your email (ie: Becky) I was unable to directly respond), but also some that said I should give it up.

I received one particular email from a new reader that was rather touching, and I present it to you here (with ok from the author) for you to read to help you understand why I may be changing my mind about ending this blog.


I started reading your blog about 2 months ago. Like you, my wife and I were pregnant with mono-mono twins. In my online search for information about monomono twins, I came upon your site and have been going through your archives and reading past columns to try and prepare myself for being a new father of twins. You writing is funny, touching and, at times informative. And reading about how your monomono twins have grown, had me excited and anxious for ours to be born.

We lost them in the 28th week.

In the days since then…you’re blog has been, and I know this sound corny, reassuring and a nice place to try and lgithen my mood at and laugh. When I saw your column after new years that you were going to stop posting, I had to write.

While I know this probably takes up a lot of your time, especially with twins, and that you don’t’ know me from adam, I ask that you reconsider and realize just howmuhc your blog means to some people that enjoy reading it.

In addition to the help they've received from the hospital, I’ve put the author of the email in touch with a Monoamniotic Monochorionic Support Site as well as CLIMB (Center for Loss in Multiple Birth), two sites that have the means to help people cope with this. Something that I cannot even begin to fathom. And I think you can see how this email prompted me to change my mind about ending my blog.

My first thought is... I can find the time to post, just like everyone else does. I still enjoy posting, and my call to end my blog has kind of sparked my creativity that had been lax the last few weeks.

If you feel I am leading you on, I apologize. If this looks as though it's an attempt to garner attention, I can assure you it's not.

As Vinnie Barbarino used to say; "I'm so confused."