Friday, October 14, 2005

My Twins: A Redux

Taking a few days off from blogging this weekend as I have an out-of-town wedding to go to. So rather than allow people to visit and see nothing updated, I thought I would re-post one of my earlier rants, if you haven’t read it, it’s new to you…hope you enjoy it.

My twins are getting bigger every day, and older. And as they are growing older, they can now speak in complex (for a three-year old anyway) sentences. This has given them new ways of communicating with me and with each other (though the latter was never a problem – gotta love twin language). It's interesting to hear the thoughts running through their heads that were previously unknown to us. Now, instead of just bouncing around in their head, they say it…and sometimes, what they say can be an absolute doozy. The other day, while my wife, the girls and I were in the SUV (I know, but at least it’s not a minivan), one of them said, out of the blue: ‘daddy laid a big turd.’

Ooookayyyy. Where that I came from, I have no idea, but there it was…out in the open.

(Now, some of you may be asking where a three-year old learned the word ‘turd’ from. That, sad to say, is my fault. During potty training one day, after one of them had successfully ‘gone potty’ in the toilet, I told her she had laid a big turd. Before I could stop myself from saying the word – they had it memorized and it has been in both of their lexicons ever since. They never remember the words you want them to remember, but they certainly do remember the ones you don’t want them to heat, much less remember, instantaneously.)

The other day, while I was busy getting ready for work and trying to help my wife get them ready for daycare, I told one of them to please hurry up because we have to leave soon. One of them responded by saying: "Drink your coffee, daddy."

It escaped me at that time, but I then realized that I had just been ‘sassed’ and put in my place…by a three year old.


I’ve always been a bit of a smart-ass (people who know me that read this column are saying to themselves: A BIT???), and my wife had really been hoping that our daughters would not inherit that trait from me.

Evidently, no such luck.

They are well on their way to becoming ‘world-class smart-asses’ like their father.

Better that than a Republican.

Originally posted August 27, 2005

Have a good weekend, don’t get into too much trouble, and remember, if you get arrested, don’t call me for bail money.


enigma4ever said...

I stumbled by your blog via scottsrant via bushwhacked...I see you are being educated by twins...Have they deveoped their own little language and codes yet...those twins start early- I should know- I am one...and we worked very hard to embarrass our parents and grandparents on a regular basis...keep bloggin'

Kemp said...

Yes they have enigma. At times they will say something to each other, then look at my wife or I and laugh...

Anonymous said...

Kemp...get used to being one-uped by your kids. I have 3 of them (a pre-teen daughter and 2 teenage sons) and one of them always has a comeback that didn't fully register until a short (or long depending on my mood that day)time later. They are truly a blessing and little devils in disguise. But I can't imagine my life without them and wouldn't even want to try. Enjoy them and remember every precious moment you have with them.

Anonymous said...

Wait until they are at a friends house, when they are older, and ask a very personal or unknowingly sexual question. Usually when the room becomes completely silent and everyone just stares at each other or looks at their plates. You go to pick up the little darlings and you get the most unusual looks (but none of which are in the eye) and a few throats clear. Then, of course, they say "what darling children you have and what a delight they must be. Have a good night." It is not until you are at church and someone mentions the topic of conversation they have been told about and you blush bright red. Those lovely embarrassing moments ...the joys of being a parent.