Monday, August 14, 2006

Top 100: 50 - 41

50 – Presents: the Rise and Fall by Madness. Madness was the soundtrack for one summer of my youth in St. Louis, and their brand of rock, ska, swing, punk was often imitated at the time, but never fully duplicated. Favorite Song: Yes, it’s trite to like this one, and I know it’s being used to hock coffee, but nonetheless: “Our House”

49 – Buena Vista Social Club by Buena Vista Social Club & Ry Cooder. Listening to this album you’re magically transported to a little café in Havana, Cuba, with fans moving slowly, and this sound filling the air and your senses. Incredible, absolutely incredible. Favorite Song: “Pueblo Nuevo”

48 – Blue Train by John Coltrane. His only album under the Blue Note label. This is the one that prompted me to start playing the saxophone after having to give up the trumpet. Classic sound that really stresses Coltrane’s perfect sax playing. Favorite Song: “Giant Steps”

47 – At Newport by Muddy Waters. An Acoustic album rather than Water’s familiar electric guitar styles, and this one is great as you can really hear the emotions in Water’s voice. Favorite Song: “I've Got My Mojo Working”

46 – Tidal by Fiona Apple. I originally bought this album solely for the first single; ‘Criminal’, but after listening to it all the way through, I fell in love with the entire album and listen to it quite a bit. Her style on this album may not be as polished as on her later stuff, but I still favor this one over her others. Favorite Song: “Criminal”

45 – Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits. Ignore the over-played and underdone ‘Money for Nothing’ and focus on the rest of the album. With the guitar virtuoso of Mark Knopfler and the lyrical stylings the band created (much of it from Knopfler), this album is a great listening experience. Favorite Song: “ Brothers in Arms”

44 – Welcome Interstate Managers by Fountains of Wayne. Their third, and in my humble opinion, best, album. This one covers a wide array of musical genres; alt-country, alt-rock and pop, and brings it all together nicely. Favorite Song: “No Better Place”

43 – Wildflowers by Tom Petty. I know, I know, you’re all hoping that it’s Judy Collins’ Wildflower album… but alas, it’s not... it’s Petty’s. Is it a coincidence that his best solo album (my opinion only people; relax!) is also the onc that was influenced heavily by his Traveling Wilbury-mate George Harrison? I think there’s a connection there, but what do I know? Favorite Song: “You Wreck Me”

42 – Volume 1 by Traveling Wilburys. A supergroup for the ages whose first album made it sound as though the only thing the five of them set out to do was have a good time, and the result is a success. Sometimes simple, sometimes rockin, sometimes odd, it’s a great album from a “low-key” supergroup. The death of Orbison ended the bands career too soon, though they tried it without him in Vol. 3. Favorite Song (like CroutonBoy) “Tweeter and the Monkey Man”

41 – Being There by Wilco. I own three Wilco albums and truly love the band, and, while I really, really like this album, it’s my least favorite of the three. I can’t really place why, but it is. Favorite Song: “Outtasite (Outta Mind)”


CroutonBoy said...

Another great run!!!!!!

At Newport is such a great favorite Blues album by far. And Brothers in Arms was so pivotal to my high school years it should have been played at graduation. "Money for Nothing" was my "Stairway to Heaven"

The rest are all solid (including many which made my own list) so keep going, dude!

samantha jo campen said...

My husband LOVES Buena Vista Social Club and introduced me to them. All I can say is WOW. I forgot the song, but he has a favorite that he can't wait to play for our (future) kids and dance with them to it. How could I not love that?