Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Random Thoughts for a Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, we all know what than means. It’s time for some strong alcohol random thoughts… enjoy:

  • While perusing for music online, I came across an entry that sent shivers down my spine… the title of the album was Bolton Swings Sinatra. Yes… Michael Bolton singing Frank Sinatra… is that even legal???
  • Here’s something that no writer could make up on their best day. Astronaut (or maybe that should be astro‘nut’) Lisa Nowak strapped on a pair of adult diapers, threw her trusty BB gun in her car, switched her brain to the off position and drove 950 miles so she could settle a lover's quarrel. Seriously, you can’t make this shit up…
  • Great poll on IMDB today: Who would win in a fight: Abigail Breslin or Dakota Fanning?
  • I’ve never watched “24” before but have been this year and I can safely say I am hooked. Who knew that so much bad shit could happen to one person… and always in tidy 24-hour increments…
  • Show of hands, who thought that this year’s Super Bowl commercials sucked worse than Rex Grossman?
  • People really are getting upset about the whole Prince's guitar-as-schlong imagery from the halftime show… Can we get some lives over here in aisle 1!!??
  • I honestly don’t know if I would be able to take a step onto THIS
  • I have recently purchased the new Norah Jones album (Not Too Late) and both of the new Harry Connick, Jr. albums (Oh, My NOLA & Chanson du Vieux Carre) and they are all very good albums. I highly advise getting them if you like either of these artists. Jones showcases her songwriting skills and her beautiful voice while Connick goes back to his jazz upbringing and has crafted two loving tributes to his hometown of New Orleans. Now comes part of the service you get here at Kemp’s House of Useless Knowledge as it’s useless trivia time: Norah Jones’ father is no other than The Beatles confidant and sitar master Ravi Shankar. Harry Connick’s mother was a judge and his father was an attorney who, in 1973, beat Jim Garrison for the position of Orleans Parish District Attorney (this would be the Jim Garrison that launched the investigation into Kennedy assassination) a position that he held for 29 years.
  • Look back at some of my blogmigo’s latest posts: I think Queen of Spain’s head may explode if she has to follow doctor’s orders... MetroDad really digs his new kitchen toy... Croutonboy’s “parental units” came for a visit… like mine, they sometimes forget that you can get everyday household items, you know, everywhere... Sarah and the Goon Squad are sick...
  • Recent searches that have brought people to my little corner of the blogosphere: “Disney princess solstice car”, “pictures of twins in the seventh week ultrasound”, “to kill a mockingbird affected my life”, “cuzzi murder”, “biography of lou brock”, “doodlebops without makeup” (thanks Sarah!!).
  • Okay… the way people are getting to my blog via google searches is rather pathetic so I’m holding a contest. Whoever can leave me a comment with the funniest phrase aimed at getting people to my blog via a google search wins. Wins what? I haven’t decided yet… but I can promise you it will be, you know, fairly insignificant…
  • Replacing Mental iPod Song of the Week is Quote of the Week:
    ”Common sense is not so common. - Voltaire


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Are you sure you really want this kind of filthy comment on your blog?

Here goes: hot naked lesbian housewives in diapers sucking big cock that look like Prince's guitar on Project Runway secrets during American Idol iPod Vista naked Paris Hilton on Myspace 2000 bloggers global warming withour makeup homophobic Super Bowl ad XXX porn twins cum shot Dooce Today Show 9/11 sexy blonde sluts.

My mother would be so proud.

Here come the hits

Andie D. said...

Dude, you have pictures of the Doodlebops without makeup? Are the Doodlebops naked? Are the Doodlebops having a threesome?

Ack. I need to wash out my brain now.

MetroDad said...

Dude, I don't even know where to start. I bow to Sarah. You have to let us know what searches come your way now!

Becky said...

I thought it was appropriate to have the gayest (and some say the best) halftime show in Miami. All's I can say is, has he had some work done?

Oh, my Harry. Caught him on Letterman last night, and I'll see him on stage later this month.

I want to see how many people will find you for letting Chris Isaak lick my ear.

dan said...

I get a shit load of google hits for both:

Bristol stool chart
Bristol poo chart

but my biggest draw is that I once typed the word on my blog.


QofS said...

There is brain oozing out my ears. And I don't know if it's my head exploding...or all the dirtyness here.