Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reader Mailbag Volume I

Time to reach into the official “Kemp’s Blog Mailbag” and answer some e-mail/comment questions…

  • Becky asked: “What does Kemp mean?

    First of all let me clear up the misconception that it’s short for anything; it’s not (you would not believe how many people ask me that question – so I though I would take the preemptive measure of getting that out of the way). Kemp (originally a surname) is a family name of Celtic/Gaelic origin that stands for “Warrior and Champion”. So my first name is Celtic, my middle name is Armenian and my surname is Spanish… figure that one out…

  • Becky also asked: “Besides sausages, what's your favorite dish to cook?

    I love making my special bar-b-que ribs. I start with my “special” dry-rub, and then splash on my secret sauce. Also Spanish Tortilla, Toasted Raviolli and my Abuela’s Arroz con Pollo.

  • Becky then asked: “Do you bake?

    Technically, yes. If she had asked if I bake well, I would have to alter my answer a smidge…

  • And finally Becky asked: “Was I only supposed to ask one question?

    Matters not one whit how many question you ask…

  • Samantha Jo asks “If you were to be a Sesame Street character, who would you be and why?

    Well, most people would say Oscar the Grouch because, at times, I can be a bit of a grouch – but nowhere near the grouch that my brother is… any-hoo… I would have to say Grover. Why? Because he can do anything… he’s smart, fearless (Super Grover!), eloquent and erudite, and he is a direct descendent of Yoda… at least in my mind he is seeing as how they both were/are brought to life by Frank Oz… what do you think? Did I put too much thought into that?

  • Sarah asks “If the PB & the J were boys, what would their names have been?

    The PB would have been Nishan Kemp (after my Uncle Nishan, who was more like a grandfather to me, and for whom I was given my middle name) and the J would have been Marshal Kemp (after one of my wife’s Uncles).

  • Ronnie asked: “What other names did you consider for The PB & The J?

    The PB almost was Isabella and J was almost Maria.

  • Jeanine asked: “Are you still considering ending your blog?

    As of now, no. I’ve reacquired my creative spark (on both this and TBWA) and will continue doing it until I either lose it again or the people in the black, windowless vans take me away… whichever comes first.

I enjoyed the questions. If you have any more , leave ‘em in comments or send me an email – kempsblog at gmail dot com

Thanks… and enjoy…


spoonwood said...

I did think that "Kemp"was short for the Kemper Open Golf Tourney..knowing how much a duffer your pop was. It seems, my friend, you have been engaged in this for awhile...Good show! I hope to follow your example and use this venue to have creative exchanges. Take care my friend! Hey, give me some advice how to get started.....Matthew

Becky said...

Thanks for the answers!

Question: So you're having a big barbecue when we're all in town for BlogHer, right? What should I bring?

Samantha Jo Campen said...

Excellent Street character analysis. I am well pleased with your answer.