Monday, August 29, 2005


Mondays only serve to remind you of how great it is to have Saturday and Sunday off.
Mondays are way too far away from Saturdays. The other side of that coin is that Saturdays are way the hell too close to Mondays.

Sorry, I had to vent.

It just makes me feel better.

Yep today is a Monday. I hate them. But, not as much as Wednesdays. Things always seem to go wrong on Wednesdays and time runs in weird ways as well. Basically all the laws of the Universe break down on a Wednesday. This is why I will be petitioning to have Wednesday removed from the week. Okay this will have the sad side effect of shortening the week to 6 days and the working week to 4 days but I think we are better off without Wednesdays.

Now before people get upset and accuse me of simply being a Wednesday hater, I am not keen on Mondays either.

Mondays screw-up your weekend by ending it. Now I am not going to try and get Mondays removed from the week, that would be silly, as I will have already removed Wednesdays. What I want is for Monday to be renamed Sodaday.

There are two good reasons for choosing to change Monday to Sodaday. The first is that I am sure I can get some sponsorship for the idea from large soft drinks companies. Secondly the rule seems to be that weekend days start with a ‘S’ so Sodaday will be a part of the weekend reducing the working week to 3 days.

This will make finding a decent personal-work life balance a lot easier to achieve, don’t you think?

So, I hate Monday’s. Every Monday. Whether it is sunny or overcast or raining or snowing.
But today, I feel different. Why? Because a hurricane, a hurricane that this country has not seen the likes of since 1992’s Andrew’s, has blown through the southern part of this country. A hurricane that has already killed people, and will probably kill more and cause millions and millions dollars worth of damage to the entire southern region.

Yesterday, the mayor of New Orleans got on the television and asked the country to pray for them.

I think we’re all praying for you New Orleans. And Biloxi. And Baton Rouge. And Mobile. And for anyone and everyone affected by this natural phenomenon that reminds us that we are not in charge…Mother Nature is.