Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Follow-Up to yesterday's post

Let me first say thank you to everyone who left a comment or sent me an email regarding yesterday’s post about my father-in-law’s surgery. My wife and I, and our family, thank you.

The surgery was a success as the surgeons were able to remove the entire cancerous esophagus and reconstruct it using his stomach, which is now located in his mid-section rather than his belly.

Rather than take the four/five hours they had originally said, it ended up taking a little under 10 hours due to some scar tissue left over from a previous surgery about 10 years ago. Because of that, the surgeons had to crack him open rather than do the less-invasive surgery and that is being cited as the primary reason the surgery took longer than originally planned.

He is in pain, but they have him hooked up to a pain machine so he can get morphine at the push of a button.

Again, everyone in my family would like to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

I will be funny (such as it is) again tomorrow. I promise.