Thursday, September 08, 2005

Where have you been???

Well, I’ll tell you.

Since last Thursday, when I changed the URL and title of my blog, I have had some problems with it (username wasn’t tied to my account, blog would not allow me to add/edit, etc.).

So I have been blog-free since last Thursday…and boy, am I feeling it. And, since our friends at blogspot never returned my email calls for help, I had to erase everything and start from scratch. So, my site counter is now back to zero, all my previous blogs had been vanquished from the earth, and my links are now gone meaning I have a LOT of work to do.

I will re-post all my previous blogs in the next few days. Along with some blogs that I had written without a place to post since last Thursday.

So this little blog-blurb (a new term to add to the American Lexicon) is to officially announce my return to blogging. I thank you, and appreciate you all waiting anxiously for my return.

I have a few blogs to post now that I had already written. I will post those shortly, followed by my new thought of the day entry and also my blog entry for today, Thursday, September 08, 2005.

Thank you for waiting, I'll be back shortly to entertain, inform and explain life's idiosyncrasies...