Monday, February 06, 2006

Random Post-Super Bowl Thoughts

  • That was NOT a Steelers touchdown in the first quarter, Seattle got hosed.
  • The ads this year were… not really bad… not really good… just sort of… there.
  • My favorite ads? Well, it’s a toss-up between the Ameriquest ad with the doctors and the fly. Funny as hell. And the baby Clydesdale trying to pull the Budweiser wagon then getting helped by the two older horses… sweet, and totally saccharine-nated.
  • Worst commercial: Another toss-up. Shaq shilling for Desperate Housewives or the P-Diddy Pepsi commercial. Ewwwww….
  • The NFL cut Mick’s mic on two incidents for “questionable lyrics.” Whatever.
  • The food I had at my Super Bowl bash can best be described with one word: gluttony.
  • ... though I have to say my toasted ravioli was the best I had ever done.
  • I missed part of the 3rd Quarter because my daughters wanted me to read them a bedtime story… and it was worth it.
  • The Peanut Butter and The Jelly love sports and love to watch sports with me, but were more interested in playing with my wife and my brother’s girlfriend than watching the game.
  • Aretha Franklin, Dr. John & Aaron Neville did an exceptional job on the Anthem. Very cool.
  • Loved the stage the Stones played on, very cool.
  • Did anyone here know that Jerome Bettis was from Detroit? I hadn’t heard.
  • BTW, way to go Jerome! Congrats on a phenomenal career…
  • I can’t stand John Madden… I really really can’t - Worst. Announcer. Ever.
  • Watched Grey’s Anatomy after the game. First time. Not bad… not bad at all.
  • Had 2 beers while frying my ravioli (and that is not a euphemism for anything else… get your mind out of the gutters people) and 2 more before halftime. After that, none. And I have no idea why.

That’s all I got. But I have to say this: ‘Wait ‘til next year. The Rams will be good again and will knock Seattle from the top spot in the division... sorry Tony.