Thursday, March 23, 2006

An open call for assistance

Sarah asked this for her spouse a few weeks ago, though I am not sure if anything was decided.

My wife, while waiting for her class to start at Lewis University last night, checked out my blogs.

When she got home, she asked why I only refer to her as ‘the wife’ or ‘my wife’ on this blog.

I told her it was because I couldn’t think of a good nickname (you can sense what’s coming, can’t you?)

I had one that I stole from my brother, but my wife doesn’t like it; ‘the war department’

Since she does so much around the house and, essentially, keeps the damn thing running like a Swiss chee--, watch, I suggested; ‘Condi’, as in Condoleezza Rice… she really didn’t go for that.

So I ask all of you… my dear, intelligent readers, ‘what should my wife’s nickname be in blogland?’

Lines are now open… the 13th caller wins tickets to Supertramp.

Note: No one will win tickets to Supertramp.