Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Random Thoughts for a Wednesday Afternoon

It’s back. After a brief respite, Random Thoughts for a Wednesday Afternoon is back…

  • My Top 100 Album list is on hiatus this week due to time constraints.
  • Oh joy; American Idol auditions are beginning again… (Yes, that was sarcasm…)
  • Here’s the winner of the 2006 “Dumbest Fuc*** Law I’ve Ever Seen in my Life” Award; a Minnesota massage therapist could lose her state license for having sexual relations with a former client within a two year period; apparently they’re ignoring the fact that the former client is her husband.
  • My troll-battling days are over.
  • What the hell is going on in Minnesota??? Read another story from the land of lakes HERE.
  • Army World?
  • In response to some emails I’ve received from some of my blogmigos. I have been pre-occupied lately as I’m going through some personal, work-related issues (that aren’t my fault) right now. Hopefully, they’ll be resolved soon without loss of job.
  • Football season is approaching… yay!
  • How would you like to explain this accident to the ER Doc? Well, I was riding along on my watercraft when all of a sudden; this sea monster leaps up, knocks me off my jetski and tries to force me off his turf…
  • Saw “Munich” the other night; not Spielberg’s best, nor his worst. It was… meh.
  • Sarah asked for help with this, so I’ll throw it out there as well. Head on over to Parentopia and help them come up with a new slogan…
  • The Peanut Butter & The Jelly start pre-school in 2 weeks. Where does the time go???
  • After 18 weeks, I’m still in First Place in my Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league… whouda thunk it?
  • The St. Louis Cardinals are starting to give me the cold sweats whenever I watch their games...
  • I think the McCartney divorce saga is gonna get a lot uglier before it’s all over...
  • I think Maurice Clarett has finally gone off the deep end...
  • Here's what some of my blogmigos are posting about: CroutonBoy is waxing poetic about spoons, MetroDad is talking randomly, Queen of Spain is pissed at Crayola and Lumpyheadsmom is (among other things) extolling the virtues of National Corndog Day .
  • Here are some of the recent search phrases that have brought people to my little corner of the blogosphere: “riverside perionatal”, “Kemp Blog”, “mix master music”, “humor fatherhood blog”, “sahd”, “thunder bay lake superior wrecks”, “twins fanning conjoined Chicago”, “cardinal sunglasses”, “top 10 perspectives humor”, “the wiggles are evil” (hard to argue against this one)
  • Today’s gratuitous (and superfluous) attempt for the ‘craziest word or phrase used in a blatant attempt to trick people into visiting my site when they type it into Google’is: “Salma Hayek Naked ”
  • Today’s gratuitous blog plug is: The Whited News
  • Today's mental iPod song of the day is “Eve of Destruction” by P.F. Sloan, as sung by Barry McGuire.
The eastern world it is explodin',
violence flarin', bullets loadin',
you're old enough to kill but not for votin',
you don't believe in war, what's that gun you're totin',
and even the Jordan river has bodies floatin',
but you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction.

Don't you understand, what I'm trying to say?
Can't you see the fear that I'm feeling today?
If the button is pushed, there's no running away,
There'll be noone to save with the world in a grave,
take a look around you, boy, it's bound to scare you, boy,
but you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction.

Yeah, my blood's so mad, feels like coagulatin',
I'm sittin' here, just contemplatin',
I can't twist the truth, it knows no regulation,
handful of Senators don't pass legislation,
and marches alone can't bring integration,
when human respect is disintegratin',
this whole crazy world is just too frustratin',
and you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction.

Think of all the hate there is in Red China!
Then take a look around to Selma, Alabama!
Ah, you may leave here, for four days in space,
but when you return, it's the same old place,
the poundin' of the drums, the pride and disgrace,
you can bury your dead, but don't leave a trace,
hate your next-door-neighbour, but don't forget to say grace,
and you tell me over and over and over and over again my friend,
ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction.