Monday, October 09, 2006

Ultra-quick Random Thoughts

  • I’d like to thank everyone who expressed their well-wishes to me last week, I truly appreciated it. Thank you.
  • Big thanks to Kara for making me laugh last week with this “special” post.
  • I am the proud new owner of a Motorola Razr… talk about a sweet phone. The phone was free, and I’m getting a free Bluetooth wireless headset as a rebate as well.
  • I took a picture with my new phone on Saturday. It was a picture from a store here in town of a Christmas display… on October 6th… Christmas hype starting in five… four… three…
  • How many people visiting this blog would elect me President if I promised to pass a law making it illegal to start selling Christmas before Thanksgiving?
  • Looking for a job sucks moose cock…
  • I am suffering from a severe case of blogstipation. I can’t think of anything to write for any of my blogs. I haven’t started to panic yet, but just wait.