Friday, January 27, 2006

On the Defensive

It seems that I wrote a post the other day that is causing division and strife… well, not really, but it’s getting me some ‘snarky’ comments… and nobody snarks the “Snark Master.”

(What is a ‘snark’? Click HERE to find out…)

The post I am speaking about was titled ‘Musical Embarrassment’ (it can be read in its entirety HERE)

In the post, I wrote about how I have downloaded some things onto my new iPod that, shall we say, may cause some people to be embarrassed. Now, I thought it was an innocent enough post, and in the end asked for readers to name some of their musical embarrassments.

I personally caught a lot of flack for some of the music I included in the list. Particularly Andrew Gold, Christopher Cross & Debbie Gibson. I pinpoint those three because they were the ones singled out by my ‘Blog-Amigo’s.’

So, in wanting to defend my musical honor I wanted to take this opportunity to explain some of the songs I have listed.

  • Thank You for Being a Friend” by Andrew Gold. Yes, this was the theme song to ‘The Golden Girls’, and let me say this; I couldn’t stand ‘The Golden Girls.’ HATED IT. Worst. 80’s. Show. Ever. I like the theme song though. Why? Listen to it, or even read the lyrics, and you will understand. The song is all about friendship. And let me point out (I’m not sounding the least bit defensive, am I?) that the song was released in 1978 (reaching number 25 on the Billboard Album charts) and Golden Girls premiered in 1985.
  • Arthur’s Theme” by Christopher Cross. Ok, now this was from a movie I loved. Not since his heyday with Peter Cook (click HERE to learn more about Peter Cook & Dudley Moore) has Moore been better. Funny and poignant it was a movie that delivered such classic lines as “You’re a hooker!?” or Sir John Gielgud saying “Perhaps you would like me to wash your dick for you... you little shit.” A classic film with a song that closes it perfectly. Again, like the aforementioned song by Mr. Gold, take a moment to read the lyrics and decide for yourself.
  • Debbie Gibson. Ok… truthfully, I didn’t put my DG album (why do I still call them ‘albums’?) on my iPod. Why? I listened to a couple of songs from the album (there I go again) and, unlike some of the other 80’s songs I downloaded to the iPod, this one… well, let’s just say it didn’t age well. Ms. Gibson herself? She has aged very well as she was (and still is if you saw her pics in Playboy) HOT.

I have to admit I am surprised I didn’t get derided for some of the other songs I actually listed like “I Think I Love You”, “Dancing Queen” “Twist of Fate” (remember the movie it was from – As Bart Simpson once said, ‘…it both sucks and blows.’) and “The Time Warp”.

I have approximately 3300 songs on my iPod (and still have over 37 GB of memory left - thank you Steve Jobs!) and they run the gamut of genres. You name a genre or a specific group, I am sure I have at least one song on there from them, but you can get a sense of my favorites as I have more songs from certain artists than I have from others. IE The Beatles (and many solo albums from the four of them), Wilco, Bruce Springstein, The Rolling Stones, Michael Penn and so on. Why am I telling you this? Honestly, I'm not sure. I am writing this post late Thursday night (technically Friday morning) because I can't get to sleep so I may be hallucinating a tad.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter.

And let me say this; I am not meaning this as a serious post. I am posting this as a satirical comeback to some satirical comments I received. I know I shouldn’t have to say that, but I’ve been noticing some nasty ‘anonymous’ comments on some other blogs (and I have received some of these via email) lately from people who either:

  1. Have not a single iota of intelligence in their heads.
  2. Don’t know sarcasm, satire, humor, or wit when they see it.
  3. Take everything WAY to literally.
  4. Are dumb as a box or rocks.