Thursday, August 31, 2006

Do you feel a 'Draft'?

The Blog Pound Draft is done… after 3 ½ hours, we all had our teams… we all had trash-talked… and (most) had drank…

The players on the draft, done online AND over the phone, were BIYF, Bump, Child’s Play x 2, CroutonBoy, Genuine, Me, Marginally Clever, MetroDad, More Diapers, Queen of Spain & The Kaiser

I liked having it both ways, but at times I was listening to the phone conversation and missed an online mention of QoS’s boobs, but I did hear everyone at one time make fun of Jeff George (BTW, I met him once while he was still a “student” at Illinois and I can tell you this – he is as big a dick as you’ve heard)

By all accounts… I have a pretty good team (Name: The BushWhackers)

The strange thing is… I didn’t draft one St. Louis Ram…

I didn’t get the exact team I wanted as I did lose out on some of my preferred players. For example, everyone’s favorite ‘Goon-squad leader’ Sarah, drafted one ahead of me and took Cadillac Williams before I could… and Carson Palmer before I could… and Aaron Brooks…and Reggie Bush… wait a minute… she has my team…

Anyhow… I’m still optimistic about my final team. In case you want to know, here’s my team and “expert” analysis, let me know if you agree… if you don’t… meh.

  • Matt Hasselbeck, QB - Underrated with minimal risk of interceptions
  • Jon Kitna, QB - Good back-up as he now has offensive guru Mike Martz as his O-coordinator
  • Frank Gore, RB - Should come into his own this season
  • LaMont Jordan,RB - Ditto, but with a better ‘O’ line… and the possibility of Jeff George
  • LenDale White, RB - Only a matter of time until he’s starting in Tennessee, with a small, ‘but’…
  • Travis Henry, RB - Ditto, but with a much-larger ‘but’…
  • Duce Staley, RB - Will replace ‘The Bus’ on certain downs and should be an okay back-up
  • Donte' Stallworth, WR- Could be a breakout year as he now has a QB and his QB now has a target
  • Roy Williams, WR - Should benefit from the high-flying attack of Martz
  • Michael Clayton, WR - One of Simms’ favorite targets
  • Peerless Price, WR - Always a good back-up
  • Ben Watson, TE - Could put up WR numbers this year… plus Brady loves him like Bridget Monyhan…well, maybe not quite the same way…
  • Jay Feely, K - Meh… he’s a kicker
  • Panthers D - Strong…
  • Cowboys D - On the upswing, and should fill-in nicely on Carolina’s bye week

The first game is still a week away (The Kaiser), so it should be an interesting season.

Go BushWhackers!