Thursday, January 24, 2008

Next time Kemp, write a god-damn memo

Following in Matthew’s inspired leadership; I have taken his post titles being song lyrics and tweaked it a tad... my titles will be quotes from movies… sometimes the quotes will be well-known and famous, sometimes obscure.

Am I stealing this from him? Technically yes, but I prefer to think of it as flattery of being copied...

This morning when I got into work I realized that I needed to ask my new media coordinator a question about the brand-spanking new marketing campaign I created. Needing to grab another cup of coffee from the breakroom I decided to walk down to her office and ask her in person (concept in this day and age).

As I turn the corner to her office I see her in the hallway... with her skirt hiked up... adjusting her underwear thong...

Next time Kemp, send a memo... or an email.