Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random (Las Vegas) Thoughts for a Wednesday

A few random thoughts about our trip to Las Vegas.

  • There is a lot of construction going on in Vegas right now. A LOT. It will be interesting to go back in, say, five years and see the city.
  • The Flamingo is great. Bugsy would be proud…
  • The Tropicana, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, will be gone within five years. It’s not being maintained very well, the restaurants all looked like (and served) crap, the theaters are run-down and the casino itself was craptacular.
  • Saw a lot of kids in Vegas. Can’t really understand why parents would bring kids to a place where the primary pastime is drinking and gambling…
  • Flying over the mountains is beautiful… but I miss the days when pilots would tell you to look out the windows at see ‘such and such.’
  • People are rude, more so than Disney World.
  • 'The Strip' at night is amazing.
  • If I see one more picture or video of Celine Dion gyrating, I’m gonna plotz.
  • Terrific views of the city atop Paris’ Eiffel Tower.
  • If they stopped handing out the hooker cards and booklets, or at the least recycled them, every forest in the world could be re-populated.
  • The biggest-selling clothing line in Vegas (meaning I saw them in every store and on 90% of the people walking around) had “CSI” plastered on them… as if they couldn’t find those anywhere else.
  • ATM fees around the city were $4.99. That’s not just outrageous, it’s obscene.
  • Cab drivers in Vegas drive like Chicago cabbies, but they do their best to get you somewhere quickly…
  • What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... and stays OUT of the blog; Sorry Samantha.
  • On the final shuttle to the airport, a woman got on and proceeded to have a very loud conversation on her cell phone the entire way to the airport… in French. She didn’t even stop when one of the other passengers asked her to or when I said a smart-ass comment about frogs legs…I know, I know – that was harsh.
  • Two airline flights, two rough landings.
  • Random Vegas Photo Time! This is a photo of one of the pools at The Flamingo with a very stylish and very retro feel.