Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Random Thoughts for a Wednesday Afternoon

  • Been busy the past few days and didn’t have time to blog. Can’t tell you why yet…
  • Yeah... this sounds like a good idea...
  • Does anyone really care that Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul (both of American Idol “fame”) aren’t speaking to each other??? I know I sure as hell don’t.
  • As Sarah mentioned in her blog, she and I are starting up a Sports Blog. Why? Cuz you can never A: have too many blogs to read and B: read too much opinions from ‘crazed’ sports fans. We have some excellent people joining us, and as soon as we can get all our ducks in a row, we’ll throw a HUGE launch party... and by HUGE I mean myself... and by launch party I mean lunch at my desk...
  • Anyone want to go in with me to buy this? Think about it... we name it after our blogs and our traffic would go through the roof.
  • Headlines that write themselves after you hear this story: “Cyclone Monica blowing Australia – Bill Clinton en route” Got an idea for your own headline? Leave it as a comment.
  • Never... ever... try to take donuts from a cop.
  • The last few weeks of The West Wing have been spectacular... and there are only three more episodes left.
  • HoneyMustard and I were planning on getting our oldest nephew a black 30GB iPod for his 8th grade graduation, his birthday and his confirmation, but his Dad (who hasn’t seen him or his other two kids since walking out on my sister-in-law three years ago) got him a Nano for his birthday (seems my sister in law may have inadvertently told her ex.’s sister that we were planning on getting him an iPod) My thought is that he couldn’t stand me being a father-figure to his kid (which I and another brother-in-law have been since before he even left) and wanted to strike first. Is it wrong that I’m pissed about this?
  • Is it wrong that upon hearing that news I immediately thought that a LOT of places are giving away Nanos for free when you sign-up for something?
  • Lumpyhead’s mom tagged me to reveal something about Sarah that other people may not know and is weird. Well, the only thing I can think of is one that everyone knows but that I find very weird; she’s a Bucs fan... Ewwwww.
  • MetroDad and Scott still haven’t responded to my ‘6 weird’ tag. Shame, shame, shame...
  • Interesting story about the demographics of “Democratic” bloggers. They also polled Republicans but I can’t comment on that one because my computer doesn’t go that far to the right [rimshot]... kidding, that... that was a joke.
  • Here are some of the recent search phrases that have brought people to my little corner of the blogosphere: “blog plug create folder by date”… that’s it… one lousy search phrase since last Wednesday?? Son of a...
  • Today’s gratuitous (and superfluous) attempt for the ‘craziest word or phrase used in a blatant attempt to trick people into visiting my site when they type it into Google’ (if that ever happens again…) is: ‘Pussy Galore’
  • Today’s gratuitous and spontaneous blog plug is: Savage Stories
  • Today’s mental iPod song of the day is: “Hung my Head” by Johnny Cash, from his album “American IV: The Man Comes Around”
Early one morning
With time to kill
I borrowed Jeb's rifle
And sat on a hill
I saw a lone rider
Crossing the plain
I drew a bead on him
To practice my aim

My brother's rifle
Went off in my hand
A shot rang out
Across the land
The horse, he kept running
The rider was dead
I hung my head
I hung my head

set off running
To wake from the dream
My brother's rifle
Went into the sheen
I kept on running
Into the south lands
That's where they found me
My head and my hands

The sheriff he asked me
Why had I run
And then it came to me
Just what I had done
And all for no reason
Just one piece of lead
I hung my head
I hung my head

Here in the court house
The whole town was there
I see the judge
High up in the chair
Explain to the court room
What went through you mind
And we'll ask the jury
What verdict they find

I felt the power
Of death over life
I orphaned his children
I widowed his wife
I begged their forgiveness
I wish I was dead
I hung my head
I hung my head
I hung my head
I hung my head

Early one morning
With time to kill
I see the gallows
Up on a hill
And out in the distance
A trick of the brain
I see a lone rider
Crossing the plain

And he'd come to fetch me
To see what they'd done
And we'd ride together
To kingdom come
I prayed for god's mercy
For soon I'd be dead
I hung my head
I hung my head
I hung my head
I hung my head