Friday, September 02, 2005

A Very Special Episode

We now interrupt this normal blog programming for a VERY special announcement.

I have started a trend. I’m a trendsetter.

Now that I have started a blog, my best friend Scott (my best friend besides my wife) has started one also.

Be sure to check out his blog at

What does he talk about? Like me, he is a ranter. He will rant/rave/tirade on anything that pops into his (much older than me) head of his…just kidding Scott.

Give him 10 minutes and he’ll give you his opinion on life as it happens.

It’s vigorous and forceful opinion with a decidedly skewed view of the universe – you won’t see him on Fox News Channel (he has a brain), or even on CNN for that matter. (They couldn’t afford his salary)

His link again is

Learn it. Live it. Love it (but not as much as mine)

That link again is

I’m assuming you know mine; otherwise you couldn’t/wouldn’t be here reading it.

Have I mentioned that the link is

Go on, give him a shot…he’ll still respect you in the morning…