Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Top 100: 30 - 21

Damn it... we're so close... yet still so far away...

I promise, after I get this list done I have a post in the pipeline about the latest escapades of The Peanut Butter & The Jelly and am making a vow here; I will NEVER.EVER.EVER.AGAIN. Do a list of this sort on this blog... it just takes too much time...

But enough bitching and moaning and groaning... let's get on with it...

30 – Kamakariad by Donald Fagen. This album can almost be considered a Steely Dan album as Walter Becker produced this album, plays guitar on this album, and co-wrote one of the songs on this album. I still consider this better than Nightfly, though I know a LOT of people will disagree with me on that one. Favorite Song: “Countermoon”

29 – Colossal Head by Los Lobos. They are so much more than ‘La Bamba’… and this album proves it perfectly. Favorite Song: “Mas y Mas”

28 –Presents Author Unknown by Jason Falkner. Quick show of hands; who here has ever heard of Jason Falkner? I bet a few of you have, but not many. FYI. He also recorded a beautiful lullaby album of Beatles songs. My brother got it for The PB & The J when they were born and it worked like a charm. Favorite Song: “I Live”

27 – The Complete Recordings by Robert Johnson. Yes C-boy, while it’s “technically” a box set, his original albums didn’t exist back in 1990 when I first heard his music and subsequently bought the album. And you want to hear him as this is blues music the way it was supposed to be played. He was a genius who led a hard life. Favorite Song: “Sweet Home Chicago”

26 – Headquarters by The Monkees. Yes… I’m a Monkees fan. Yes, I LOVE this album. From Mike Nesmith’s bluesy/country tunes, to the pop-bubblegum tunes sung by Davy Jones, to the rockin’ and rollin’ anthems of ‘No Time’ and ‘Randy Scouse Git’ it’s a great album... trust me. Favorite Song: “No Time”

25 – Appetite for Destruction by Guns ‘n’ Roses. I used to hate GNR… I mean hate with the intensity of a white-hot flame. But then one night, at a party, I heard this album all the way through and all I could say is; wow. Favorite Song: “Paradise City”

24 – Rockin’ the Suburbs by Ben Folds. Why is Ben Folds not bigger? Whether it’s by himself or with “The Five”, he knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it well. Favorite Song: “Still Fightin’ It”

23 – Dookie by Green Day. Not my favorite Green Day album, but pretty damn close as this one has some hard-rockin' tunes with some insightful lyrics. Favorite Song: “Basket Case”

22 – Figure 8 by Elliot Smith. His earlier fans dissed this album from the gate, and that’s unfortunate as it’s a fantastic album full of explosive lyrics and amazing storytelling. It’s also unfortunate that this talent was cut short too early in what could have been a stellar career. Favorite Song: “Son of Sam”

21 – McCartney by Paul McCartney. The solo album that started, and ended, it all. Favorite Song: “Maybe I’m Amazed”

Top 100: 40 - 31

We’re getting there, we’re getting there… I really want to be done with this list… not so much as I haven’t enjoyed it doing it as much as it’s been going on for too damn long… like a bad SNL skit (is there any other kind?)

There’s another soundtrack on this portion, but I offer no apologies. With an eclectic musical taste like I have, is it any wonder I like the eclecticism of soundtracks. Odd though that this soundtrack is by one “group.” Oh well… on with the countdown…

40 – Saturation by Urge Overkill. Another entry in the ‘why didn’t/aren’t they bigger than they are?’ tag. UO had a lot going for it, some wickedly-good lyrics, some nice harmonies and a group of musicians who knew their way around their instruments… yet they never really took off. They flirted with success with a song on the “Pulp Fiction” soundtrack (# XX on your countdown), but never really lived up to the hype. This album shows what might have been had they continued recording. This is a phenomenal piece of music that will definitely get in your head. Favorite Song: “Erica Kane”

39 – The Commitments Soundtrack by The Commitments. What can I say, this is a terrific album with some truly excellent takes on some R& B classics. Favorite Song: “Try a Little Tenderness”

38 – Double Fantasy by John Lennon “and” Yoko Ono. Sigh… it was to be Lennon’s album that marked his musical return… instead it was his goodbye as it was released less than a month in 1980 before that infamous Monday December 8th. I still live under the theory that Mark David Chapman was aiming for Yoko and not John. Some of the songs are, ‘meh’, but others are pure gold. Favorite Song: “Watching the Wheels”

37 – Lady in Satin by Billie Holiday. I have two different GH compilations, but it’s this album that really stresses the legend. And it’s Ms. Holiday’s personal favorite as well. Favorite Song: “I’m a Fool to Want You”

36 – At Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash. There are a plethora of reasons why I love this album, but I can sum it all up in 11 simple words; “I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.” Favorite Song: Do I really need to tell you??? Naturally, it’s “Folsom Prison Blues”

35 – American Idiot by Green Day. Yes, yes, yes… I’ve heard the complaints about this album, I’ve heard the reasons as to why it’s not good… but here’s a newsflash for you if you couldn’t tell from my list already… I tend to ignore what critics say… especially music critics who tend to like something so they can look cooler than they really are. Case in point; the “music critic” that I’m forced to hear from every week in the Chicago Tribune; Greg Kot. A mindless tool if I’ve ever seen one. Anyway, I love this album. Favorite Song: “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

34 – Out of the Cradle by Lindsay Buckingham. Love this album. Buckingham has never had the solo career of Stevie Nicks, but this album shows that he should. Favorite Song: “Wrong”

33 – Nevermind by Nirvana. What can be said about this album that hasn’t already been said a thousand times over? It’s a great album. Favorite Song: “Lithium”

32 – Whatever and Ever Amen by Ben Folds Five. As another fellow-blogger said (I've forgotten who… my bad), why isn't Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five bigger than they are? This album is great- filled with anger, angst, raw emotions and perfect pitch. Favorite Song: "Song for the Dumped"

31 – My Aim is True by Elvis Costello. Another debut album on my list. I love this one. From the moment Mr. Costello speaks to the end of the final chord, each song is incredible. Favorite Song: “Watching the Detectives”

Coming later this afternoon; 30 - 21...